Dancing in the Rain
by bonsaikiptb
Not yet, perhaps tomorrow
by bonsaikiptb
Daisy Drops
by bonsaikiptb
ISP's on the web (Individual Spherical Puddles)
by bonsaikiptb
Spruce in the rain
by bonsaikiptb
Fungal Fire
by bonsaikiptb
More than you might have wanted to know about a crocus!
by bonsaikiptb
A Little Drop of Spring
by bonsaikiptb
Croci in the night
by bonsaikiptb
Orange Squircle
by bonsaikiptb
Powder Puff
by bonsaikiptb
Reach Out and Touch Space
by bonsaikiptb
Not Quite Black'n White
by bonsaikiptb
Lady In Red
by bonsaikiptb
Just the naughty bits, if you please!
by bonsaikiptb
Driftwood and Weeds
by bonsaikiptb

ContentFlow is a flexible CoverflowTM / ImageFlow like flow written in javascript, which can handle any kind of content. It supports all new and old major and not so major browsers. It's distributed under the MIT License.

With ContentFlow it is now possible to have any number of flows within one web-page. Each separately configurable, satisfying different visual needs.

ContentFlow can handle different kinds of control, like keyboard and mouse, and can be used with and without a reflection. For a complete list of features and compatibilities take a look at the feature list.

Changelog for version 1.0.2 (2010/02/19):

 * fixed IE bug on reflection generation

Changelog for version 1.0.1 (2010/02/18):

 * fixed bug with addItem
 * fixed CSS 'type' error
   Thanks to Nicolas Rudas
 * added AJAX example

Changelog for version 1.0.0 (2010/02/09):

 Beware: Because of a major restructuring, this release will break with older 
         AddOns and possibly with user defined configurations. If you have 
         defined your own calculation methods (calcSize, calcCoordinates, 
         calcRelativeItemPosition, calcZIndex or calcFontSize) you have to 
         rework them.
         If you use AddOns please update to the new version of the AddOn.

 * moved to relative return values for the following methods:
   calcSize := returns values ranging from 0.0 - 1.0
   calcCoordinates := returns values ranging from -1.0 to 1.0
   calcRelativeItemPosition := returns values ranging from -1.0 to 1.0

 * changed the paramters of the following methods:
   calcStepWidth   : ( diff )
   calcSize        : ( item ) 
   calcCoordinates : ( item ) 
   calcRelativeItemPosition : ( item ) 
   calcZIndex      : ( item ) 
   calcFontSize    : ( item ) 

 * added the following properties to the item object:
   next, position, pre, relativePosition, relativePositionNormed, side, size 

 * better image scaling in IE7 (bicubic interpolation)

 * changed landscapeScaleFactor default value to 1.33

 * moved from 20 to 25 redraws/recalculations/frames per second 

 * refined calculation of flow size

 * speedup by internel code cleanup

 * unified AddOn configuration

 * renamed 'container' to 'Container'

 * documentation update

 * addeded direct usage of image tags as items

 * added support for transparent PNGs on IE6

 * added touch handling on iPhone
   Dragging of the whole Flow and the scrollbar works now on the iPhone

 * added onDrawItem method

 * added fluid opacity change
   - option: endOpacity
   - method: calcOpacity

 * added fixItemSize option

 * added reflectionGap option 
 * added scaleFactorPortrait option

 * automatic scrolling to item will now be supressed if the onclickInactiveItem
   method returns 'false'

 * added conf object to flow

 * removed server side reflections
   - removed reflectionType option
     reflectionHeight = 0 deactivetes the reflection
   - removed negativeMarginOnFloat option
   - removed reflectionServerSrc option

 * removed obsolete contentPosition option

 * fixed FF drag problem
 * fixed addItem method

 * fixed rmItem method

AddOns Changelog:

 * updated 'carousel' to version 1.1
 * updated 'DEFAULT' to version 3.0
 * updated 'black' to version 2.0
 * added 'circle' version 1.0
 * updated 'fancyScrollbar' to version 3.0
 * updated 'gallery' to version 3.0
 * added 'gallery2' version 1.0
 * updated 'lightbox' to version 3.0
 * updated 'roundabout' to version 3.0
 * added 'screwdriver' version 1.0
 * updated 'slideshow' to version 3.0
 * added 'stack' version 1.0
 * updated 'vertical' to version 2.0
 * added 'waterwheel' version 1.0
 * added 'wave' version 1.0
 * updated 'white' to version 2.0
Dandelion Tuft
by bonsaikiptb
Blue Balled Spruce
by bonsaikiptb
boke in blue
by bonsaikiptb
Hydrangea ruins
by bonsaikiptb
Blue-Thanks Steve!
by bonsaikiptb
Inner Fire
by bonsaikiptb
by bonsaikiptb
Fern leaf underbelly
by bonsaikiptb
Electric Thistle
by bonsaikiptb
Thistle or Sea Anemone?
by bonsaikiptb
Fungal Fire
by bonsaikiptb
Deep Green DoF
by bonsaikiptb
White Balanced Weed
by bonsaikiptb
Early Morning Dew
by bonsaikiptb